Dictionary of Physics


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Hardcover, 1684 pp.
(over 78,000 entries)
11 x 8.5” (27 x 21 cm)
Pub. Date: Sept. 2015
eISBN: 978-0-9860058-6-2

$450 USD

Digital version available at Ebsco or ProQuest (Ebrary)

English – Spanish || Spanish – English

A fresh, new, authoritative reference work on physics for the 21st CENTURY – by far the most accurate, in-depth English – Spanish, Spanish – English work in physics: a wealth of terms compiled from thousands of physics articles and works by doctors in their fields.

As our understanding of physics grows, we add new, cutting-edge terminology and at times need to change terminology we have heretofore used in various sciences. This exhaustive work shows you all differences in terminology and spelling between Great Britain and the United States, as well as between Spain and Latin America.

Bilingual example sentences are given throughout the dictionary. Useful appendices and acronyms glossaries included.

Covers all disciplines of physics:
acoustics, astrophysics, atomic physics, biophysics, computational physics, condensed matter physics, cryogenics, crystallography, electricity, electromagnetism, experimental physics, fluid mechanics, geophysics, health physics, magnetism, mathematical physics, mechanics, medical physics, molecular physics, nuclear physics, optics, particle physics, plasma physics, quantum mechanics, quantum physics, radiation physics, relativity, solid state physics, solar physics, spectroscopy, statics, statistical mechanics, theoretical physics, thermodynamics, units of measurement, and much more.