Dictionary of Economics and Business

by Kenneth Allen Hornak (Lexicographer)


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Hardcover, 950 pp.
(over 23,000 entries)
8″ x 6″ (20 x 15 cm)
Pub. Date: October 2006
ISBN: 0-9765947-2-2
eISBN: 978-0-9765947-9-6

$195 USD

Digital version available at Ebsco or ProQuest (Ebrary)

As Spanish is an ever increasingly important business language, every internationally minded professional or student will need to make this one-time investment for his or her career, to consult over a lifetime.

You can trust our seasoned accuracy in the two languages, a precision which, sadly, you will not always find searching for terminology equivalents on today’s Internet.

Covers all disciplines of each field:
applied economics, macroeconomics, microeconomics, stock markets and investment, e-commerce, business, finance, marketing, banking, economic theory, world currencies, labour studies, international economics, international trade, personal finances, worldwide economic organisations